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0.35mm pitch board to board(FPC) connector FB35AT6 series
Technical data
FB35AT6 is a 0.35mm pitch board to board(FPC) connector with a stacking height of
0.6mm. Space-saving design with a depth of 1.65mm.
・Stacking height is 0.6mm
・Pitch 0.35mm
・Width (with mating condition) is 1.65mm
・Number of Contact : 6,8,10,18
・Metal-cap structure prevents from the damage by mis-alignment mating.
・Inner metal armor structure further increases strength
・The power contacts serve with up to 3A current available, which allows for more efficient use of the available
 connection contacts.
・High reliablity with two point contact structure.
・Good click feel when connector is mated.
Smartphone, Smartwatch, other compact portable devices
Rated Voltage 30V AC(r.m.s.) / 30V DC
Rated Current 0.4A : Signal Contact
3.0A : Power Contact
Dielectric Withstand Voltage 200V AC(r.m.s.) /1 minute
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ min. at 200 V DC
Contact Resistance 30 m Ω max. Signal Contact
20 m Ω max. Power Contact
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