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Name of company DDK Ltd.
Location of office

Head office: 1-5-1, Kiba Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8512, Japan The map is here.

Registered Office :2237-1, Shimokoyama, Shimotsuke-shi, Tochigi, 329-0502, JAPAN The map is here.

Capital JPY 100,000,000.-
Established 14th October,1963
Description of business

Manufacture and Sales
・Electrical connectors including rack, panel,printed circuit,circular connectors,socket and cable assemblies.
・Coaxial Connectors and cable assemblies.
・Flat ribbon cable connectors and cable assemblies.
・Fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies.

Employees 100
Subsidiary company

Navanakorn Industrial Estate 55/25 Moo 13, T. Klong-Nueng, A. Klong-Luang, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand
TEL:+66-2529-1428 FAX:+66-2529-1427

・DDK (Shanghai) CO.,Ltd.
F No888 Zhaoxian Road, Jiading Industrial Zone, Shanghai China
TEL:+86-21-3129-6880 FAX:+86-21-6952-0932

20 VSIPⅡ Dan Chu Street, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
TEL +84-274-362-8209 FAX +84-274-362-8210

October,1963 ----- DDK Ltd. was established with initial capital of JPY250,000,000.- through joint investment
by Fujikura Ltd. Iwatsu Elevtronic Co.,Ltd. Amphnol Corpration and other two company on
October 14yh ,1963.
September,1967 ----- Established Moka plant at the industrial estatein Matsuyama-cho Moka, Tochigi Prefecture.
November,1978 ----- Technical division moved to Moka plant
April,1985 ----- Established Tsukuba plant
June,1987 ----- Terminate joint relationship with Amphenol Corpolation(U.S.A)
January,1988 ----- Established DDK (THAILAND) Ltd.
July,1994 ----- DDK Ltd. acquired ISO9001(JQA-0553)
Novenber,1999 ----- DDK Ltd. acquired ISO14001(JQA-EM0611)
April,2004 ----- Fujikura Ltd. has marged DDK connecter sales division.
May,2004 ----- DDK Limited consolidate Tsukuba plant.
August,2004 ----- Established DDK (Shanghai) CO.,Ltd.
August,2007 ----- Established DDK VIETNAM Ltd.
January,2012 ----- AOMORI DDK LTD. mearged with DDK Ltd.
April,2015 ----- Engineering department, quality assurance department, planning department and
corporate management department mearged with Fujikura Ltd.(Except some staff)
March,2018 ----- Closed Moka plant
March,2018 ----- Established Kaminokawa office (managing department)
April,2018 ----- Established Ishibashi office (Engineering department
September,2019 ----- Merged Kamimikawa Office with Ishibashi Office
Renamed Ishibashi Office to Registered Office
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