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0.35mm pitch board to FPC connector BB35 series
FB35 is a 0.35mm pitch board to FPC connector with a stacking height of 0.7mm.
Each connector has two retention tabs that also serve as power contacts with each
having capability of supporting 4A of current, which can reduce the number of overall
connections, the size of your device and the cost associated with reduced board space.
・Stacking height is 0.7mm
・ Pitch 0.35mm
・ Available pin counts :26,40,44,60,70
・ The retention tabs serve as power contacts with up to 4A current available in each of two pins,
  which allows for more efficient use of the available connection pins.
・ The retention tabs of the receptacle connector are assembled by insert molding making a more
  robust structure to withstand manual assembly.
・ Manual assembly improved due to click feel when engaged.
・ The insertion force and extraction force are equalized regardless of the number of contacts.
・ The FB35 has been designed for optimal insertion and retention forces across all pin counts.
Mobile phone, PDA, other compact portable devices
Rated Voltage 30V AC(r.m.s.) / 50V DC
Rated Current 0.3A : Signal Contact(Total 12A Max.)
4.0A : Power Contact
Dielectric Withstand Voltage 200V AC(r.m.s.) /1 minute
Insulation Resistance 1,000 MΩ min. at 250 V DC
Contact Resistance 50 m Ω max. Signal Contact
20 m Ω max. Power Contact
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