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Technical data
D/MS A/B series is compatible with MIL-DTL-5015 and a soldering termination connector.
A various combination of the plugs, receptacles and accessories is also available and can be used for cable-to -cable usage and cable-to-panel usage.
D/MS A/B series is provided with 12 kinds of shell sizes from 10SL to 36, 5 kinds of contact size from #16 to #0 and 73 kinds of insert arrangements to
accommodate a wide variety of applications.
・The barriers are placed between each contact on the insert to extend the creepage distance for the improvement of
 dielectric withstanding voltage characteristic.
・Each of the plug shells and the receptacle shells can apply to both of the pin insert assemblies and the socket insert
 assemblies respectively excluding shell size 10SL.
・A combination of the sockets for input and pin for output is recommended since D/MS A/B series is often used for
 high voltage equipment to prevent from any accidents.
・The plug shell has a key way and the receptacle shell has a key. The key will be inserted into the key way before the
 contacts are mated. The insert is rotated within the shell from standard key way and 4 kinds of alternate insert positions,
 W, X, Y and Z are available to avoid cross-plugging problem in applications requiring the use of more than one connector
 of the same size and arrangement.
・The solder cups in the insert assembly face in same direction to solder cables easier.
・The surface of shells is coated with zinc plating and finished with trivalent chromium treatment(*) in color black or cation
 electroplating finish to conform to RoHS directives. (* Cadmium plating and Olive Drab color is MIL- DTL-5015 specification).
 The conventional DMS series in Olive Drab color is also available upon your request.
Rated Voltage
Service Rating INST A D E
AC(r.m.s.) 200V 500V 900V 1250V
DC 250V 700V 1250V 1750V
Rated Current

13A / Contact
23A / Contact
46A / Contact
80A / Contact
150A / Contact
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