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Technical data
CE02-2A Series is intermateable with D/MS series (MIL-DTL-5015 compatible).
In order to correspond to various environments where industrial equipment is set up, CE02-2A series connector withstands moisture,
oil and vibration by using synthetic rubber at the front insert.
This connector is ideal for use under the external condition such as industrial equipment which needs to withstand moisture, oil and dust.
・ CE02-2A series is interchangeable with D/MS series receptacle because the mounting pattern is same.
・The insert is a three-piece design. The contact will not be fallen out and subsided when used under the normal operating condition.
・The insert which is made with synthetic rubber can be used at a temperature up to 125℃.
・When CE02-2A is mating with plug connector of CE02-6A, D/MS(D190) or CE05 series, it will conform to IP67
Rated Voltage
#16Contact 250V AC(r.m.s.) or 350V DC
#12Contact 350V AC(r.m.s.) or 500V DC
# 8Contact
Rated Current

#16Contact 13A/Contact
#12Contact 23A/Contact
# 8Contact 46A/Contact
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
#16Contact 1000V AC(r.m.s.)/1minute.
#12Contact 1500V AC(r.m.s.)/1minute.
# 8Contact
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ min. at 500V DC
Contact Resistance 5mΩ max.
Operating Temperature -40℃ to +125℃
Sealed Type IP67
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