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DIS series is a lightweight, waterproof connector encased in a plastic shell.
The connector enables mating and unmating in a shorter time and has better operability in
limited space by employing a push/pull system for mating and unmating and having ridges on
the surface for ease of grabbing the product. The connector is equipped with a lock system to
prevent the connector from inadvertentently unmating, but the connector is still easily removable.
The plastic shell contains an O ring and is more waterproof than metal shell connectors when
the connector is mated. The adoption of crimping and the use of specialty tools reduces the
connection process time and improves connection reliability.
Rated Voltage : 200VAC (r.m.s.)
Rated Current : 1A max.
Dielectric Withstand Volatge : 900VAC (r.m.s.) / 1minute
Insulation Resistance : 1,000M Ω min. at 500VDC
Waterproof : IP67(mated condition)
Number of contact : 42
Lock Type : One-touch Locking
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