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 0.3mm pitch FPC Connector Front Access Back Lock Type ( Dual Contact )
Front-access back lock design is short depth and suitable
to compact device. It has 0.3mm pitch, 25 and 39 contacts
FPC connector.
・Back-lock structure ensures retention from inadvertent from upward pulling of the FPC.
・Connectors are delivered with the lock lever opened. Time saving for FPC inserting operation.
・With the upper and lower contacts design, all FPC insertion directions are available. 
・The lock lever does not fall down to the opposite side.
・Connectors are delivered unlocked, so the lock lever does not need to be opened before operation.
・Nickel barrier prevents solder wicking.
Rated Voltage 50V AC(r.m.s.)
Rated Current 0.2A/Contact
Dielectric Withstand Voltage 200V AC(r.m.s.)/1minute
Insulation Resistance 50MΩ min. at 250V DC
Contact Resistance 50mΩ max.
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