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SAS(Serial Attached SCSI) is a new generation SCSI. The transmission was changed from parallel link to serial link.
It is compatible to SATA(Serial ATA) connectors.
SAS series can communicate with both SAS and SATA devices.
・Compatible to Serial Attached SCSI(SFF-8482)
・Both SAS and SATA devices are pluggable.
・Supporting data speed of 3Gbps(Max.)
Rated Voltage 30V AC (r.m.s.)
Rated Current 1.5A / Contact(Power Segment)
0.5A / Contact(Signal Segment)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 500V AC (r.m.s.)/ 1 minute
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ(min.) at 500V DC
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