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SC connector is a push/pull style connector developed by NTT.
The square, snap-in connector latches with a simple push-pull motion and is keyed.
It is frequently used for network applications. The SC is a snap-in connector that is widely used in
singlemode systems for its performance.
・Push-on locking is easy connection to receptacle and adaptors.
・Termination of the code is available in crimp type or adhesive type.
・Small size and light weight due to utilzing zirconia ferule and plastic housing.
・Low insertion loss and low return loss due to PC(Physical Contact) polishment.


Insert Loss Fiber SM 10/125 GI 50/125
Flat Polishing 1.0dBmax. 0.6dBmax.
PC Polishing 0.5dBmax. 0.3dB以下
Reflective Attenuation PC Polishing 40dBmin. 22dBmin.
Operational Temperature ー25℃~70℃
Durabillity 500 Cycles(Conforming to JIS-C-5973)
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