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FCN connectors are fixed by way of a threaded barrel housing. FC connectors are typical in test environments and for singlemode applications.
FCN connectors were designed for use in high-vibration environments.
It has same optical performance with SC connectors.
・Thread locking is reliable connection in the vibration environments.
・Small size and light weight
Insertion Loss Fiber SM 10/125 GI 50/125
Flat Polishing 1.0dBmax. 0.6dBmax.
PC Polishing 0.5dBmax. 0.3dB以下
Reflective Attenuation PC Polishing 40dBmin. 22dBmin.
Operational Temperature ー25℃~70℃
Durabillity 500 Cycles(Conforming to JIS-C-5973)

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